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Perform QuickFInd Script Step - with asterisks?

Question asked by wendy on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by beverly

I have created a quickfind field on a layout. It's a global field, and uses a script with the Perform Quickfind script step. (Also using script triggers.) It works beautifully. Except I just discovered that I can search for:


C1-194 ...and the appropriate records are found: those with C1-194 in any field.

But if I search for 194, records with C1-194 in any field are not found.


I can find C3-506-V1, but not records with 506. (It will, of course, find records starting with C3.)


I figured I need asterisks.


But typing *194* into my field does not work, nor does adding concatenated asterisks within the script. I tried some other [very] long shots without success.


Users will often want to search for "root" numbers such as 194 and 506.


I'm out of ideas. It's probably either something very simple that I've overlooked, or the Perform Quickfind script step will not allow search with wildcards. I hope not, as otherwise this is a fantastic solution for us that eliminates a lot of development work.


FMPro/Advanced 13 on both Mac OS10.9.5 and Windows 7 Enterprise. We have FMS13 on Mac OS10.9.5, but I've tested with both a local file on my desktop and the served file.


Thank you.