Invalid Font error in PDF document after using append to existing PDF

Discussion created by nutsonshells on May 5, 2016
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Hi There,


I am getting on a regular basis an invalid font error in a PDF document after it was generated withe the append to existing PDF function in Filemaker.


What we do:

We receive invoices in PDF format by email

These are added in a container field (one invoice per record)

The invoice is coded by filling in various fields

Since we can't print a container field directly to the printer (Windows issue), we export the container field and then use the "Append to existing PDF" function to attach a page with the coding info.


it works fine for around 90%, but we keep having the annoying 10%, were the PDF document on opening returns the error:

"Invalid font 'ZFIHEL=ArialMT' was removed from the document."


The second error after this is:

"Cannot find or create the font 'ZFIHEL+ArialMT'. Some characters may not display or print correctly."


The font listed in the error ('ZFIHEL+ArialMT') is not always the same, it shows various letters.


The exported PDF looks fine, but the coding on page 2 shows only dots on the screen and doesn't show anything when printed. (see attached screenshot).


I am wondering if anybody has any tip how to fix this?




Kind regards