Upcoming DevCon panel: Attracting New Developers to the FileMaker Platform

Discussion created by mark_baum on May 6, 2016
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Dear FileMaker Community,


At DevCon this year, FileMaker employees Andrew Paulsen (engineer) and Ro Parry (project manager) will be leading a panel discussion about attracting new developers to the FileMaker Platform. They see a deep pool of untapped talent out there and believe that as more developers join our community, it will increase the visibility and perceived viability of the platform, generating more work for everyone and ensuring that the platform continues to be adopted by new users.


The goal of the session is to inspire all of us to start thinking creatively about this question and to learn from one another's success in this area. The panel will include speakers from key regions around the world to ensure a global perspective.


Below are some of the questions that the panelists plan to explore. What are your answers to these questions? What else would you like to hear about? What ideas do you have for increasing the number of developers working with the FileMaker Platform?








Panel Questions


  • How did you get started with the FileMaker Platform? What challenges have you encountered, and how did you overcome them?


  • What obstacles do we face in attracting new developers today?


  • What have we tried that hasn’t worked, and what have we tried that has?


  • What individuals and/or companies come to mind when you think of mentoring and developing new talent?


  • What practical & realistic things would you like to see FileMaker, Inc do in this area?


  • What practical & realistic things would you like to see your peers in the community do?