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Question asked by jonasmn on May 9, 2016
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I working on a db where the company for legal reasons have to have lists of the chemical substances that they are using. In this case, there are two different types of substances that the companies are using: plant protection chemicals (PPC) and other chemicals (OC). For both types there are common information to keep track of, such as Brand Name, Active Substance, Supplier, Manufacturer, etc., but for PPC there are quite a lot of other data to, that it specific for PPC and that is not valid for OC. I have two options how to handle this data a) in one table for both PPC and OC, where the specific information for PPC is kept in a tab or popover, or b) two separate tables.


To make it a bit more complicated, I want to have one table with the most common PPC and OC on the market for the horticultural sector, where the user then, in a separate table, choses which chemicals they use in their company. With one table for PPC and another for OC this would be done in two steps, one for the PPC and one for the OC. If I have PPC and OC in only one table, this step could also be done in one table.


It does not necessarily mean that it is a bad thing that creating a list of chemicals used in the company is done in two steps, since the lists (PPC and OC respectively) would most likely be performed by different members of staff.



What is the most practical and user friendly? I would appreciate some comments on this.




Jonas Möller Nielsen