Problem uploading to FM Server

Discussion created by jrstubbs on May 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by tsplatypus

I have a FMA 14 file that I previously uploaded to FMS 14 on my local network. I had to reconfigure my server and I reinstalled FMS 14 and it seems to be okay. I tried to open a local FMA14 file and I note that I immediately get a dialog box saying the file had been previously uploaded to FMS and giving me the option of opening the local file or the hosted version. However, the IP address shown on the message is wrong and if I try to access the hosted version, it fails.


So I opened the local version. Then I tried to upload that to my FM Server and I got a message that the connection failed.


For my local file, how do I get rid of the reference to the previous hosted file (with the incorrect IP address)? This must be stored in the local file somewhere, but where?


Thanks for any help