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Insert from URL as a server scheduled script step - error management

Question asked by on May 9, 2016
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I have a few scripts that will likely be run as server scheduled scripts.

At least 2 of these involve the "Insert from URL" step.

2 fields in my file are populated via CURL posts (JSON strings) mediated via a PHP integration layer.

After parsing etc, these are text fields that contain the URLs for the 'Insert from URL' steps and reference download locations for png and jpg files.


I've set up a fair bit of performance and error logging machinery around these processes and trialled a few scenarios on FM Pro 14 adv.

If the field that references the URL is empty the script proceeds - no download but also I'm not picking up error codes.

Similarly for nonsense values in the URL field.


Which if any error codes should be generated in these scenarios?


"Set Error Capture [On]" prevents a modal dialogue "Connection Failed", which I assume would be a real problem on a server scheduled script if I'm iterating through found records for these scripts.