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      Hi all,


      I have a customer who currently uses a Word document to compose quotes. He has a document which has approximately 35 different paragraphs of information then, when he needs to create a quote he copy and pastes the necessary paragraphs into a new document.


      I can manage to create the paragraphs easily enough in FM and allow him to choose which are required, my problem lies when it comes to the printout. If he has a quote which extends to say three pages, the 'Quote' layout is set at that length yet if he has a smaller quote of say two pages, there will be lots of white space at the end.


      Any suggestions how to create a page based on the info itself and not using the standard layout?


      FM14, Windows 7





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          You need to use the slide up option in the Inspectors to move things up to remove the blank spaces  Typically you makes the layout big enough to accommodate your biggest print out and then use sliding to print smaller printouts properly.

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            This is one of the cases where the virtual list technique is often helpful.

            Rather than trying to create a one size fits all large layout body filled with a massive text block, each paragraph of the report becomes a separate record in the virtual list and then you just select as many records as required for the report.


            I know that's a very high-level, overview description. You may want to search for virtual list FileMaker examples.

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