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    can't see files on iphone



      I'm hoping someone in this forum knows a lot about using FileMaker Go app on iPhone, and can help me! I am using FileMaker Pro 14 and I've downloaded the Starter_Solution_CRM. I'm connected to the solution with our office iPhone, and I'm able to see the it in the list, but I do not see any layouts or existing files. I see a little file symbol at the top of the screen with our dashboard name, but the rest of the screen is just blank white. When I open the Invoices starter solution provided with FileMaker, just for test purposes, I see it in the list, can open it and see the test customers and invoices I've set up. So it seems to be a possible issue with the Starter_Solution_CRM files only?

      Has anyone else had a similar problem? How did you fix it?



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          1. Are you hosting the database on FMP, FMS or is it on the iPhone?


          2.  If you are trying to connect to a hosted databases, then are you connected to the local network. 

          If you are not connected to the local network then you will need to setup port forwarding for port 5003.


          When you open FMGo you will see 3 icons at the bottom of the screen.  Recent, Device, Host.   Select device to view databases on the phone.  Select host to view databases that are hosted. 

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            Thanks for your response schamblee...So, my boss did the port 5003 forwarding when we first got FileMaker, and I'm able to see the Invoices starter solution that came with the program, so I think that is all set. When I select the test dashboard that I set up on my pc with some fake invoices, I can see the list of invoices and the layout of the dashboard on the iPhone.

            I tried selecting the device icon at the bottom of the iPhone screen when connected to my downloaded CRM Solution, I see no files available. When I select the Hosts icon, I see a little file icon with our database (ICON Distinctive Landscapes Dashboard) When I select that file, it opens a completely blank white screen.

            I cannot for the life of me figure out why I can see EVERYTHING in the "dummy" or test solution, but not on my CRM Solution. I know it was from the French FileMaker people, so do you think it may have something to do with that, or that it's a downloaded solution?

            Thank you for your help!


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              Do you have the action folder in the upper left corner?  If yes, go to the action folder and see if you can select another layout.  If no folder, swipe down with three fingers on the screen to see if that brings up the folder.  Are you sure the file you are trying to use works on an iPhone?

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                Filemaker databases can be hosted or run as standalone on the device.   You can not download the databases to your iPhone using FMGo.    Note :You can export a database out of a container from another database but this is a more advance topic.


                To copy the database to your iPhone you will have to use iTunes or a service like Dropbox.  Note: If you run the databases from your device then it will not automatically update to the hosted databases.  You can build your own sync or use a third party app such as seedcode GoZync or 360works mirrorsync.


                The device Icon is only going to show the databases that are on your device.  FMGo comes with a few samples files. 


                Your CRM solution may not allow you to view it on an iPhone.  I don't know enough about your CRM solution, but they may require additional purchase to use the file from your iPhone or you may require additional security rights (security setup with the database) to view the layouts on a mobile device.

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                  hmmm, ok, well I'm not trying to download files to the iPhone as I want any changes made to be saved on all devices. As I said, I'm connecting to our PC database thru the Hosts with the provided Invoices solution that comes with FileMaker, using the IP address/filename of our database. It works beautifully, I see all of the test invoices and can select them, edit them...everything! So I know I'm connecting correctly. I'm also connecting to the downloaded CRM solution the same way, with IP address/filename. Just shows a blank screen after loading. I really like this solution, as it is perfect for your needs, or I would just use the Invoices Starter that comes with FileMaker. I've checked and rechecked the sharing settings and user privileges, all is good.

                  I also checked to make sure that there are iPhone and iPad layouts in the CRM solution-there are. So I'm pretty sure the CRM solution is capable of being viewed on an iPhone, just isn't loading any invoices/estimates/customers....

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                    Hello, just wanted to thank you again for attempting to help me with my problem above, and update you on what the fix was: I was connected to my dashboard solution, and there was a missing "go to layout" script after opening the file. Once I directed it to where to go, it worked perfectly!