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Launch Center not Showing Files as Expected

Question asked by Razor on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by Razor

I have the following set in the server admin;

Database Server -> Security -> List only the databases each user is authorized to access


With this setting turned on I was not seeing all the databases I expect to see in Launch Center in FileMaker Pro Advance.  From some experimenting it appears I needed to add the group [Data Entry Only] to the fmapp extended privileges.  (This is in addition to the default [Full Access]  which appears to be a default setting.)


I have three questions regarding what I learned today;


First, is this normal behavior?


Second,how does Launch Center in FMPA know what account you are using to browsing files?  I don’t remember ever signing in to FMPA. 


Is there some default login account I am using in FMPA that I don’t remember setting up?


By the way I am running FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro Advance 14.0.5.