Webdirect documents and printing in RTF!

Discussion created by CarlSchwarz on May 9, 2016
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Just sharing a great trick I found to make good printouts and documents in Webdirect!!

First create a "rich text format" (.rtf) document in any text editor with the basic template of what you want.  E.g. use TextEdit or Word.


For example I created a letter with a logo and some formatted text at the top.  I then put in the word "mybody" at the part of the letter I wanted to substitute with my own text.


Then go to the rtf file (open it in Notepad++ or similar editor) and copy/paste what is there into a FileMaker field.


Then use a substitute script to substitute all carraige returns on the letter body text you want to paste in for "/line "

Then stubstitute the word "mybody" in your imported rtf text for the letter body text.

In webdirect you can then Export that as an .rtf file and you have a perfectly formatted file!!


If you want multiple different styles in your letter then you will need mybody1, mybody2, mybody3 parts to substitute for each new style.