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    Webdirect documents and printing in RTF!




      Just sharing a great trick I found to make good printouts and documents in Webdirect!!

      First create a "rich text format" (.rtf) document in any text editor with the basic template of what you want.  E.g. use TextEdit or Word.


      For example I created a letter with a logo and some formatted text at the top.  I then put in the word "mybody" at the part of the letter I wanted to substitute with my own text.


      Then go to the rtf file (open it in Notepad++ or similar editor) and copy/paste what is there into a FileMaker field.


      Then use a substitute script to substitute all carraige returns on the letter body text you want to paste in for "/line "

      Then stubstitute the word "mybody" in your imported rtf text for the letter body text.

      In webdirect you can then Export that as an .rtf file and you have a perfectly formatted file!!


      If you want multiple different styles in your letter then you will need mybody1, mybody2, mybody3 parts to substitute for each new style.

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          you can do even more with preformatted HTML files. With these you can have tables, columns and graphics even coming from the database with base64decode. Put the HTML file in a text field, mix it via variables with your data and export it and print it via your browser. You can even completely generate the HTML in FileMaker/Webdirect without storing it in a text field.

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            Sounds interesting exporting html from webdirect, I will have to test that out.  Do you generate the HTML yourself or do you use a drag and drop editor?  If so what editor do you use?

            For the basic "printout" that I had to create I'm liking that I can use something like TextEdit or Word to create formatted rich text file templates.


            The reason I say to put rtf template into a field is that if Files are embedded you don't want Megabytes of data stored in the script for example, IIRC scripts are downloaded to the client on application startup so Filemaker pro / Go clients on a WAN would suffer.

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              I work very much with Bootstrap and either hardcode that or work with Bootstrap builders like Mobirise.