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Related record "unavailable"???

Question asked by stephaga on May 9, 2016
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Hello everyone!

I'm building a database for my organic garden... everything worked perfect so far but:

I made a new table and can't get it to link properly with the others! I can't explain why... other similar relationships work perfect in my database!


I have a table to store TYPES OF VEGETABLES and infos like the density I sow in the fields, number of seeds per gram, stuff like that.

An other table is VARIETIES, where I store specific infos and pictures about specific varieties of a given vegetable.

The new table is BATCHES. Each time I sow a variety, I enter a new record in this table to allow me to keep track of dates, quantity sown, etc.


When I enter new records in BATCHES, I'm unable to retrieve any information in VEGETABLES. I would need, for example, to have the name of the vegetable linked to this variety (if I sow "sun sugar", I would like to also display "tomato", and also, for example, the size of container I use to first sow tomatoes, which is a 72 plug tray, etc etc


for now, fields are left blank, and I can't figure out why!!!! If I click on the field in user mode, it says that the related record is unavailable and cannot be created...  (free translation from french!)


if anyone can help me solving that, tat would be so great!!!! The growing season is starting, and I have to make this work!!

many thanks,

for the screenshot, here is a quick translation




LOTS refers to BATCHES