Summary and sorting problem

Discussion created by Tanner on May 9, 2016
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Hello dear community,

I have a really big problem, and have been sitting two days off. Do not come on.

Please have a look at the attached file.

I have a layout in which the hours are entered of the masters, technicians and helpers. Top right of the selfsame layout is a button for the timesheet. One click and the now open layout is sorted by year and month with the respective hours worked by master mechanic and assistants.


The summary of the hour is not working properly. There are taken in the sorted list is always the first entry.
At the bottom I have summarized the value (found in red). Again, it takes the last entry with 71 hr.

Really do not get ahead. Find no approach. For every little tip I would be very grateful.



PS: Just look after the cruel design, should be so bright for clarification.