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    Date format issue in FM


      Hi all,


      The date is stored in the format 10.3.2014 where in I am planning to update the date format to 10/3/2016.


      As there are many number of records which has date with dot format, I have extracted the records in excel to find it out.

      However, after exporting the format appears to be fine (10/3/2016) where in the filemaker the date is still present in dot format for the same record.


      Could you please advise me why the date is showing in slash format in excel where as it is present in dot format in filemaker.


      Thank you

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          Excel might be using its smarts to format the dates this way but for displaying only.

          The actual data can still be as in FM or it really gets converted based on excel preferences.

          Can you check if the column has custom formatting enabled in excel?

          When exporting did you select "Apply current layout's formatting to the data"? then the format will be just as formatted in the inspector.

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            Johan Hedman

            FileMaker actually stores Dates in number of days since day 1. You then choose to set date on a field on a layout and depending on FileMaker Pro client installation language. If you have a user running Swedish FileMaker Pro, the user will enter 2016-05-10 (yyyy-mm-dd) for todays date but FileMaker will still handle that as 05/10/2016 (US format mm/dd/yyyy).


            For your problem, just choose on the layout object how you want to format your Date field.Skärmavbild 2016-05-10 kl. 13.19.35.png

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              I have tried the option "Apply current layout's formatting to data " and also once after exporting the records the column data type has been changed to Date in excel.


              However, I am facing the issue still.


              Thank you