ok FMG 15 and I still don't know how to suppress the KB

Discussion created by glworld on May 10, 2016
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help please...


i have text to display on iPad.  the text is bigger than the screen so of course i use the scroll bar.


it's text that i don't want modified so i use a calculated field to dispplay (calculated textfield=textfield).


pretty easy and i'm thinking a pretty common thing to do in FM databases.


this is where i'm stuck-


if i check 'browse' in inspector, the keyboard keeps popping up which I really don't want.


if i uncheck 'browse' the keyboard stays hidden but i cannot scroll which defeats the whole purpose of the field.


i've tried using the web browser to display the text which works but no real control over the formatting of the text...the lines are too close together and makes reading it difficult.


am i missing something that would seem so basic?