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    WYS ≠ WYG - FMPro vs. FMGo

    Benjamin Fehr

      What you see in FMPA is not what you get in FMGo.

      Rendering of Line height in FMP varies from rendering in FMGo.


      Expected Result: Layouts in FMP rendering similar to Layouts in FMGo

      Actual Result: Line Height in FMGo greater than in FMP

      Hardware/Software Details: FM Pro Advanced 15



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          Benjamin Fehr:


          Thank you for your post.


          Line spacing in FileMaker Pro is different than FileMaker Go.


          Is the left column one text block with several labels?  If so, separate them into separate text objects and place them individually.  The objects will then display in the same position in FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go.



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            Benjamin Fehr

            correct: The left text block is 1 field with CR (¶) separated, listed labels. Unfortunately, there's no way to separate the entire list('s) into single labels.


            only reasonable work around: adjust line height and corresponding fields in FMP in try-and-error fashion to make it fit with FMGo