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    Sections of FileMaker software got zoomed or oversized


      Windows Pro 10, FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.0v9


      This morning, I open FileMaker and then I see some part of it super sized. Navigation pane, Properties window and layer navigator.

      This super sized also apply to some other FileMaker window but nothing else than FileMaker. Yesterday, everything was fine, I changed nothing I swear. I do beleive its something within FileMaker. Any ideas?




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          you may wish to post this to Product Issues, along with details such as in the template:



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            Thank you for your post.


            Does this occur with all database files or just one specific file?  If all files, then either it is system related or FileMaker Pro related.  If this is the case, uninstall FileMaker Pro, remove the FileMaker Pro folder, and reinstall FileMaker Pro.  If the issue still continues, then something changed in your system.  Your screen shot appears to be Windows operating system, so check the System display settings and make sure they are set to 100%.


            If just one file is having the issue, then is the issue happening with all layouts or just a particular layout?  If just one layout, then create a new layout and see if you can replicate the issue.


            Keep me updated with any progress.



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              It occur on all Databases (this one is a blank new one for the print screen).

              The Windows system display is at 100%, if I move it arround everything get proportionaly bigger so its not related to the system display.

              Also, on any other softwares I got on this computer, nothing else changed on matter of windows/text display.

              Weird part, only some section of the interface were bigger so its not really a resolution/display issue. Like in the "Open file" dialog, all buttons were fine eccept the "Remote..." one, it was almost twice big as usual.


              Yesterday, I did uninstall 4-5 softwares and reboot, all my desktop icons got grouped like if it has changed resolution.

              But FileMaker was working fine after that for the rest of the day.

              I did close it for the night and then this morning I had that problem.


              I did reinstall FileMaker and problem seems solved.

              The only other thing I forgot to try before reinstalling, is to reboot the computer again first to see if it is related to that *screen resolution* event. There was no softwares affecting it.


              * I did not erase FileMaker folder, it was innexistant after uninstallation.