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Invoice Starter Solution - Help Needed

Question asked by PaulCarroll on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by erolst

Hi Folks,


I have been playing around with the above for a couple of weeks now and have managed to create working solutions for 2 of my 3 businesses.


I am in the middle of setting up a version of this for the third business and have hit a bit of a wall with a particular requirement.


Without making this too long winded, the problem is I have a major client who we supply staff to on an ad-hoc basis. These staff may be deployed across any number of different projects at any number of different locations in any one day / week. As a result, when invoicing each week for work carried out, we submit a breakdown of all work (shifts) carried out by our staff along with the invoice itself. Each project carries a separate invoice per week and on some occasions this may be broken down still further to separate locations.


So to my wall and what i am trying to achieve.


I need to adapt the invoice solution to accommodate the above requirement. I started out with an idea to combine the invoice solution with the timesheet solution, effectively creating a dovetailed timesheet and invoice system - but felt this may be over complicating the process. What I have decided (unless someone wiser than I can suggest a better way) is to enter all required information into the invoice portal with the additional fields required (date / name / location /start time / finish time / hours / expenses / mileage allowance) and then create a separate template to "Print Invoice" that returns a report of all information entered. I would then set up the Print Invoice layout to generate the invoice as a separate document.


My problem with this is that a report on this basis could generate well in excess of 100 rows for any location and I need to differentiate between days of the week to make it easier to reference.


I have considered using conditional formatting to highlight alternate dates (Monday = No fill / Tuesday = Yellow Fill / Wednesday = No fill etc) but would prefer to separate each day of the week a little clearer. I thought about creating 7 portals in the invoice layout - one for each day - and having these individual portals mirrored in the timesheet report but wondered if any one could suggest a more streamlined solution to achieve the same result.


Apologies for the length of this post but wanted to provide as much info as possible on what I am trying to achieve.


Thanks in advance