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PHP - Did not receive an XML document from the server.

Question asked by rkesk8 on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by user19752

We have a web reservations system using php and filemaker and have been randomly (and frequently) getting this error message:

"Did not receive an XML document from the server."


I found in the Filemaker php files a page that says:

function FileMaker_Parser_FMPXMLLAYOUT(&$V0ab34ca9)


$this->_fm =& $V0ab34ca9;


function parse($V0f635d0e)


if (empty($V0f635d0e)) {

return new FileMaker_Error($this->_fm, 'Did not receive an XML document from the server.');



So I can see that this page is generating the error message, but I know virtually nothing about XML and have no idea what $V0f635d0e is.

I hope someone here can help as I can't find any info on this anywhere on the internet (just one other person posting that they were also experiencing the same problem).