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    FMP15 unable to access any server


      FileMaker Pro Advanced 15.0.1 does not see any of the servers available in my host list. All the servers are listed as "connection failed". When I click the gear wheel and choose open "network file path..." option I still have no success.



      This is the second time I've installed FMP15. I got the same failure with the pre-release version of FMP15. What's important to highlight is that I have FMP 12,13,14 installed on the same computer and all of these versions are able to access both local and remote files.


      Operating System: Mac 10.11.4 (El Capitan)


      Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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          Thank you for your post!


          I'm not seeing reports of this (yet at least). If you could provide the following information:

          -Are you accessing a FileMaker Server 13v9 or newer?

          -Is SSL enabled? (Try with SSL disabled?)

          -Are you running any other FileMaker Application while running 15? (Does it make a difference?)

          -Have you been able to reproduce on another machine?


          I look forward to your response!



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks TSPigeon


            I did a  reboot of the computer and had minimal applications running. Admittedly FMP Server 14 was already running on the test machine. The problem persisted.


            I did a reinstall of FMPA15. Prior to installation I deleted the application and the filemaker preference plist files in the library folder.


            The servers are: (local & SSL disabled),  2 separate system with (remote & SSL enabled). It's also the same failure with FMPS 15 pre-release version.


            The systems I have access to right now are too out-of-date to accept FMP15 installation. So I can't test with them now. When time permits I'll build a copy of OS X El Capitan and test on another computer. I'll then come back and update this thread.

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              I have been unable to reproduce this issue with FileMaker Pro 15 accessing FileMaker Servers and their databases on OS X 10.11 regardless of FileMaker Server 14 being installed as well. It shouldn't affect you, but you might update to the (Windows) and (Mac) as well.


              I look forward to seeing your results on another machine. Another option would be to Safe Boot or even create a New User Account for testing.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Can you confirm if this is happening logged into the Computer on Domain Accounts, but works on a Local Account?



                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  TSPigeon: All the connections I've tested have had local accounts. I've not had the opportunity to test with domain accounts.


                  I'm beginning to suspect that the problem may lie with the server.pem file in either the OS X Library folder or the OS X resources folder. When I have time I'll carry on with further troubleshooting.


                  Thanks Kevin

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                    I wanted to report back in case anyone with similar symptoms stumbles upon this thread. It may help you get a grip what's affecting your install of FileMaker Pro 15.


                    FileMaker 15 was not able to access any servers. The Filemaker 14 install on the same computer was only able to access non-SSL encrypted servers. I finally called up FileMaker telephone support to attempt to get to the bottom of the problem.


                    FileMake support staff took me through a number of  step:

                    • Delete Filemaker applications

                    • Delete a whole bunch of FileMaker settings files

                    • Disable Firewall

                    • Disable anti-virus

                    • Install the FileMaker Server 14.04b SSL patch on a number of servers I was attempting to connect to

                    • Reinstall FileMaker 15

                    • Setup a fresh Admin level user account on OS X to do the testing from

                    • Disable all startup items

                    • Uninstall a number of possible culprit applications and also remove their startup items. These applications were: LogMein, TeamViewer, Sophos Antivirus


                    The process I followed with the support staff was: make an adjustment, reboot, test.  Once we got to the last step listed here; of attempting to remove various applications; I realised that I was now wasting time trying to find the cause.


                    The more efficient approach was to go for a fresh start. My computer has seen many OS X version updates over the years; each time the updates were layered on the files that were already there. It was  time to do a clean installation. The clean reinstallation solved the remote access problems.


                    Thanks to the staff who took me through the troubleshooting.


                    Conclusion: If you experience remote access issues then definitely follow the prevailing advice for fixing. The remedies listed here give you an idea of what to try. If it's all taking too long and you're running out of ideas, give up on trying to find the culprit and just go for getting an efficient resolution. Do a fresh operating system and application set installation.