FLT licensing seems like great value to me

Discussion created by skywillmott on May 11, 2016
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I've seen a lot of negative discussion and howling about pricing on here (mostly to do with cost of legacy concurrent connection licensing) but isn't FLT actually great news and potentially a huge cost saving in most circumstances?


For no extra cost my teams of users can now use FileMaker Go and WebDirect when they are remote, in addition to FileMaker Pro when they are at their desk, whereas previously I would have needed additional concurrent user licenses which cost almost as much as Pro itself!


I’m in the UK and the cost per user to have Server 15 with 10 FLT users and be able to use Pro, Go and WebDirect always available is £8.50/month - less than an Apple Music monthly subscription (or say 3 Starbucks coffee’s per month) for something that is their primary business management system at work on a daily basis. And for non-profits, it’s half this… Pretty damn great I think. Surely if a business can’t pay these amounts for crucial business systems, then they must have much bigger problems to contend with.


I realise that the legacy concurrent licensing may be needed for publicly facing WebDirect solutions, but really, are people using WebDirect for that? It doesn't really seem suitable for general public access due to its browser requirements (are you actually going to present a website that can't be used on Firefox or older browsers that don't meet the WebDirect requirements) and certainly not suitable for high traffic/many simultaneous users. For that, then using CWP if direct access to the FileMaker database is absolutely necessary, otherwise using more conventional php/MySQL based web site tech would be more suitable - possibly with FileMaker importing data to/from the MySQL tables via ESS where required.


To me, WebDirect and FileMaker Go are designed for use by workgroups/teams and FLT caters perfectly for this and I'm really looking forward to moving some of my existing clients that typically have Server + 5 or 10 Pro licenses onto it so that they can really get into using Go and WebDirect when they’ve been reluctant to do so before due to the additional costs of concurrent licensing.


I do have a slight issue with cheap shared hosting no longer being available for FMS15 as it is really useful when I need to get files hosted in locations closer to my far away clients in other countries, but already I see that fmphost are offering dedicated servers for FMS15 at about $60/month which is very reasonable.


Anyway, that's my thought today...