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    Drop Down Menu= Value


      I am trying to create a drop down menu where the item that is selected in the menu has a $ value that shows up in another cell/field that is hidden.  The resulting number will then be multiplied by a third field that contains a number.  In detail, i have a drop down box that contains a list of Christmas Lights, when a type of Christmas light is selected, we want to have a value to that strand, for example, 25' Mini LED Strand 6" Spacing, the value is $8.50.  When, 25' Mini LED Strand 6" Spacing, is selected in the drop down field, i want another field that is going to be hidden to display the $8.50,  i will then have a 3rd field that has # of stands in it, this field will multiply times the $8.50 and then calculate an amount in a 4th field. 

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          Your description is very confusing.  The solution is probably easiest accomplished by posting a file, if possible.


          Is the dropdown list based on values from another table?  If so, do those records have a $ field (price)?

          Are the tables (relationships) properly established?

          If so, this would make things easier.

          Take a look at the invoice starter solution.  Note how when you create a new invoice, you select a product (you'll have to populate some products first) in line items, all the rest of the info appears.

          Then dig in and examine the relationships, how they are connected, and note in the line items table (the one the portal on the invoice layout is referencing) has fields that use either auto enter calculations or lookups.

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            Thanks for the reply and sorry about the confusion.  I confused myself typing it. I don't have a file or a database. I have tried to create a database but am doing something wrong.  What i want to do is give a value to each item in the drop down box.  I will try and use something besides lights


            Drop Down Menu     Cost of each

            Apples                              $1.00

            Oranges                           $1.50

            Peaches                           $2.00


            If someone selects Apples in the drop down, in another cell or field, i want $1.00 to appear. Thats pretty much it.  The rest i know how to do. Hopefully the below helps.

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              Create a new table that has a fruit and a cost field.  Create a relationship between the Type of fruit field and the new fruit field. You'll be able to retrieve the cost through the relationship.

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                Julio Toledo

                There are several examples of what you want to accomplish in the starter solutions provided by FileMaker.


                In particular, look at the "Invoices" starter.


                I've created a simplified example file for you with only the functionality you are looking to accomplish.


                Study it and take over from here.





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                  Thank you very much, i appreciate your time.  I will take a look at it. 

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                    Thank you. I appreciate it. 

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                      Hey Julio,


                      I was checking out the file you sent me and this is pretty much what i need. I am new to filemaker so im not quite sure how to create this form and have the functionality that the form you sent me has.  Is there a starter solution template that you know have that i can take a look at that has this capabilities?  I am use to working in excel and like to think of myself as pretty good at it. This program just has me stumped. Thanks in advance.

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                        Julio Toledo

                        Sorry for the late response. I have been swamped lately.


                        Off the top of my head I can't think of any starter solution that demonstrates that specific value list technique, although I would almost bet that one of them uses it.


                        As far as learning FileMaker in general, I would recommend the Training Series books. FileMaker is quite different from Excel in many ways, and quite similar in others.


                        If  I run into other examples, I'll ping you back.

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                          The example was excellent - Thanks