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Drop Down Menu= Value

Question asked by whcl2016 on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by pedrotango

I am trying to create a drop down menu where the item that is selected in the menu has a $ value that shows up in another cell/field that is hidden.  The resulting number will then be multiplied by a third field that contains a number.  In detail, i have a drop down box that contains a list of Christmas Lights, when a type of Christmas light is selected, we want to have a value to that strand, for example, 25' Mini LED Strand 6" Spacing, the value is $8.50.  When, 25' Mini LED Strand 6" Spacing, is selected in the drop down field, i want another field that is going to be hidden to display the $8.50,  i will then have a 3rd field that has # of stands in it, this field will multiply times the $8.50 and then calculate an amount in a 4th field.