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Server Schedule - Export to shared path/Windows

Question asked by user5571 on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by user5571

What's the best way to get FileMaker Server to export records (ie a .CSV file) on a regular schedule to a share path on the network?


I see 2 options...


Option 1) Use FileMaker Server's console to run to 2 FileMaker Schedules...


      a) setup a Schedule to run a FileMaker Script to export the records to the 'documents' path

      b) setup a Schedule to run a "system level" script  (ie create a batch script that 'moves' the exported file out of the documents directly to the desired path). 


Option 2) Use FileMaker client on the server and Windows "Task Scheduler'


      a) install FIleMaker client on the server

      b) create a FIleMaker 'opener' file that opens FIleMaker client, connects to the hosted database and exports records directly to the path (since client can do that!), then quits the client

      c) Create a Windows Task Schedule that simply opens a batch script that opens the FIleMaker "opener".


I don't particularly like either option as it seems I always have troubles (ie running the Window's Task Scheduler unattended, conflicts with other users that happen to be using the server for something else, etc).


Any advice out there or other ways to achieve this?  Where can I find some sample batch scripts using variables (ie to pass the filename of the export)?