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“Solution Bundle Hosting”

Question asked by jim_smith on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by Tom_Droz

Hello Filemaker community!


So there are some big changes to the EULA, and I'm hoping to get a little guidance with respect to my situation.  I developed a Filemaker solution for dealers of antiques and collectibles.  For years now I have sold the solution to my customers and provided customer support for any issues pertaining to the database itself.  However, I have referred them to shared hosting providers for access to their information on the cloud at a rate they can afford (~$20 a month). 


I try to stay abreast of the general trends and developments in the Filemaker community, so I have been aware for several months that Filemaker 15 server will not support multiple customers on a single license of Filemaker Server.  For the immediate future, my customers may of course continue to use their preferred host.  My concerns are for the future.  Specifically:

  1. If their host needs additional licenses of Filemaker 14, will they be able to procure them?  If not, does that mean their growth (as shared hosting providers) is capped by their current capacity?
  2. While reading Filemaker's commercial hosting FAQ (, I noticed this tidbit:
    1. For clarification, “Solution Bundle Hosting” does not fall under the Filemaker Commercial Hosting restriction. Solution Bundle Hosting is where a hosting provider has developed and manages a single solution, and is offering that same solution to multiple customers. The hosting provider must be both the solution administrator and the server administrator. Customers cannot access the Operating System (OS) or the Filemaker Admin Console and cannot modify the solution or install any plug-ins. The hosting company is responsible for adequate security measures and user credential management.

As I mentioned, I am the developer of a single solution.  It is the only Filemaker product I sell, and every customer uses the exact same database (the only difference is the data they input).  Does this mean that I could, if necessity demanded, provided shared hosting with Filemaker 15 for, and only for, the users of my solution?  The clause in question certainly seems to suggest so, but I wanted to be sure my reading was correct. 


Thanks for your time,