Commercial Hosting Changes - FM Server 15

Discussion created by MarcDolley on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by srzuch

For those of you who may have missed it, FM Server 15 has a new EULA. I haven't actually seen or read the new EULA yet, but here's a link to an FAQ about the changes: The new EULA prohibits companies from providing shared hosting services. This may not affect a lot of people, but it certainly has a major impact on the services we provide to our clients. Instead of us having a server with a single FM Server license, shared among a number of clients, each client will now have to purchase their own server license and run it on their own server. Technically, it would be possible for us to purchase licenses under the FLT program and lease those licenses to clients. Technically possible, but not legally possible (unless we move to Japan or Korea apparently). This change will significantly increase the hosting costs for our clients and has the potential to drive clients away from the platform entirely.


FileMaker says this is for security reasons. The fact that they'll sell a lot more server licenses is just a coincidence. All of our clients are happy with the level of security we provide, which is above and beyond what is necessary and, while I understand that the security landscape is changing throughout the world, the Patriot Act certainly doesn't apply to Australian companies storing data on Australian servers. All of our clients are acutely aware that they are using our service and not FileMaker's and we've gone to the effort to ensure that FileMaker Inc. are absolved of any liability if something goes wrong (which it hasn't in nine years of service).


FileMaker claim they will be offering alternatives, but so far, there's been no word on what that will be or when it will be available. This will have a devastating effect on our revenue and will be a major concern for our clients, many of whom are small businesses.


To us, this seems like a backwards step, but I'm interested in others thoughts on this.