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Moving script window from disconnected monitor

Question asked by on May 10, 2016
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Often, when I develop with FileMaker, I'm doing it with multiple monitors through a docking station, but sometimes I remove it and I'm off somewhere with my just my laptop, when I run into a strange issue.


If the last time I had the script window open, I had left that window on one of the secondary monitors, that script window remembers that location regardless of if that monitor is even connected. In effect, it opens the window off-screen, usually on the monitor to the left of primary (e.g. x=-1260px) and provides no way to retrieve it, even after reboot.


To make things worse, if I accidentally open the script window when I can't get to it like that, it also still opens as a modal window, so I get locked out of doing anything else with the file, until I kill the process.


The only solution I'm currently aware of is going back to my office, re-connecting to the docking station, opening FM and script window and moving that script window to the primary monitor, before then closing FileMaker, so that it remember that new location.


In similar situations I've seen, there's usually like a handle down in the taskbar, and using a little trick you can grab those kinds of orphaned windows, but the script window doesn't have one of it's own, apart from FileMaker's.


I'm betting someone else has run into this, but I can't find information on Google.


I'm running FileMaker 14 Pro Advanced on Windows 7.