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FM GO 15 Share vs Action Extensions

Question asked by JaredHague on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by schamblee

So there are two type of app extensions.  Share and Action. 


I am quite pumped to have the ability to use iCloud or Drop box etc to send files and more from FM Go.  Like when you go into a container field and tap view.  It brings up the preview and you can tap the corner to get the share sheet to show up.  Now not everyone knows this but the difference in the two rows are Share on the top row and Actions on the bottom row.  So if you had something and you wanted to send to another app you find it in the top row and there you go.  The second row are action extensions.  This is when you don't leave the app.  You do something to the file in the host app and the interface is just temporarily available.


I was thinking this would be great for container fields.  So say you have a text doc or pdf you use an action extension to make some changes and it saves back to the container.  Problem is.... It doesn't!!!


Has anybody got an Action Extension to work? I tried it with Skitch.  I took a picture and viewed it.  Then taped the share button and chose Skitch.  The editing tools appeared and let me mark up the image but after I was done it doesn't save it back to the container.  Really lame to not have this feature working.  Perhaps I am missing something?