FMS 15 SSL Certificate Install

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by bigtom

I've done quite a few SSL certificate installs since FMS 13.  And until now, I have only been able to do it with command line.  FMS 14 supposedly had a certificate creation and import in the Admin Console, but it never worked for me. 


So I was happy to see FMS 15 with new buttons for creating a CSR, with all the appropriate prompts, via a web page in the Admin Console.  So tonight I installed my first SSL certificate on a FMS 15 server (Mac OS X).  It was a SSL123 from Thawte (issued by ssls.com) that was a reissue of the certificate for the same server that I had upgraded from 14.  In case anyone wonders, the upgrade from FMS 14 to 15 did not persevere the 14 certificate for 15 (didn't think it would). 


Anyway, the CSR I generated via FMS Admin Console uploaded fine to ssls.com and it confirmed the correct information compiled (URL), but when it tried to issue it, the web page said that there was a problem and we had to contact customer support.  Just to make sure this wasn't my problem, I did it a second time.  Both times I had to contact customer support to have the CRT file issued.  It just makes me wonder if there was some problem with how the FMS Admin Console created the CSR, but tech support was able to get it reissued. 


Once I received the CRT file, the FMS Admin console did just fine importing it and then letting me know to restart the server for it to take effect. 


Good job FileMaker on making the Certificate process one that can be done in the Admin Console.  The only question I have is if there was a problem with how FMS Admin Console generates the CSR or if it was a problem with ssls.com. 


PS:  There is a good video released by RCC that covers the SSL certificates for 15.  FileMaker News-FileMaker Server 15 SSL Encryption Security Setup-FileMaker Pro 15 Video Course - YouTube   It is by Claus Lavendt, whose company is a brand new FBA Platinum company!  (good job Claus!)