One step forward, two steps back - FMGO change in 15

Discussion created by rgordon on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by rgordon

When I change a behavior in one of my solutions, I do it because it improves a features or it is a better ways to do something.  In FMGO 14 the exact opposite happened with the changes to the toolbars.  No benefit and a lot of work to fix the problems caused by the changes.  Now in FMGO 15 the PDF behavior has changed for the worse.  In 12/13/14 you had an option to view the a PDF in full screen.  This was very handy since there is no preview mode in FMGO. You could also zoom in on the PDF. It appears this option is no longer available.  Now if you select Print, you can see a mini preview of the pages which is ok on an iPad pro, kind of small on an iPad and about worthless on a phone.  It also now takes three steps to email the PDF instead of 2.  Not really seeing the benefits of the behavior change.  Sometimes I wonder if any Fmgo power users are asked to beta test FMGO  or if the development team just doesn't listen to the beta testers.