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Email issues - recommendations?

Question asked by davehob on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by davehob

I look after an application (FM14) used in 2 non-profits, and both are having issues with email. One uses Outlook, the other Gmail.  The Outlook site is experiencing the well known issue of incompatibility between 32-bit Outlook and 64-bit FM, and vice versa (and I have no control over installing or uypgrading workstations or software).  The SMTP (Gmail) site has occasional problems too, associated, I think, with the firewall, to which I have very limited access.  The volume of email to be handled is low - occasional mailshots to, at most, a few hundred people, but usually email to single recipient, with PDF attachment.


So what I'm after is a solution that is:

a) easy to install and maintain,

b) cheap (or free).


If you've been through this loop, and have time to share their thoughts and recommendations, I'd be very grateful.