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Not Seeing Validation Messages

Question asked by m.swanston on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by m.swanston

I've added some extra validation to a couple of fields that mirrors working validation, but for reasons unknown to me, the messages aren't being displayed when the validation fails, it just does nothing!

I'm trying to validate a numeric field to only be a 6 digit value, but if I add a trailing space, it won't let me save, but doesn't display a message stating why either. So here's my field options:

Auto-Enter tab

  • Calculated value: ticked: Specified calculation: Trim ( Self )

Validation tab

  • Strict data type: Numeric only;
  • Validated by calculation: Case ( Length ( Self ) ≠ 6; 0; Length ( Filter ( Self; "0123456789" ) ) ≠ 6; 0; 1 )

Display custom message if validation fails: Please only enter a numeric value.




If I un-tick the Validated by calculation checkbox, it allows me to save a number of 7 characters, but when appending a letter to the end, the same issue appears, i.e. leaving the layout pops up the 'Save changes to record?' message but when you click Save, nothing happens and no validation message is displayed.


This is also happening to another field, so am hoping that whatever the issue is here, I can apply it to the second field.


Can anyone help me understand why the validation isn't working? I have a similar field (on a different table which uses similar a validation calculation/logic) which works exactly as expected and i can't see any reason why one field works and the other doesn't.


FYI this is happening in both FM Pro Advanced 14 and the application via WebDirect.


Thanks in advance