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Issue with DB structure

Question asked by zlu on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by zlu

Hi all,


Well, I'll try to be as brief as possible. It's my first DB so I'm trying to be concise.

I'm actually looking for help as I don't even know what keywords to use in order to search for the info I need by myself.


Here is my problem. One part of my DB has a structure that looks like this:




From my Delivery Table, I can set which products are being delivered to a customer, and link that delivery to the Order table through a second occurence of that table (we do this because sometimes one order can not get delivered at once, so we have to create several delivery entries; I'm still a newbie at FM, but I think that I got this part right).


Now, the problem is when I want to print an delivery slip.

I can get all the info about that specific delivery, of course (name of products being delivered, quantity delivered).

I can also display the order number (through my relationship with the Orders_2).

But I can't display the number of each products ordered at first by the customer, and can't figure out how to indicate how many products are yet to be delivered.


I know that all this info is buried in my "Products_Ordered" join table, but how can I get it?


I've been struggling for hours now and really thank you all in advance for your advices...