Web viewer state doesn't persist when changing layouts

Discussion created by ltwimberly on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by TSGal

Product and version Filemaker Go 15.0.1

OS and version iOS 9.3.1

Hardware iPad Pro




I have web viewers on several layouts that all point to the same URL. It's a website you must login to use. In all versions of Filemaker Pro including v15, and in all previous versions of Filemaker Go, once I log in I can change Filemaker layouts and remain logged into the site. When I open that web viewer on any layout  (this web viewer is contained in a popup on all my layouts) I am still logged in.


In Filemaker Go v15.0.1, I can log into the site, but if I go to a different layout, when I open the web viewer I'm back at the login page for the site. This is the case even if I return to the original layout and web viewer I used to login.


This may have something to do with cookie management.


How to replicate


Create a web viewer and point it at a site that requires a login. Put a copy of the viewer on a separate Filemaker layout. In Filemaker Go v15, login to the site on the web viewer on the first layout. Change to the second layout and you will no longer be logged into the site.


If you follow the above steps in Filemaker Pro or in older versions of Filemaker Go, you will remain logged into the site on the second layout.