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Question asked by on May 11, 2016
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Can you help. I am trying to populate information from various documents

we are a building company and start the process with our clients

1st Prospect - client asks us to tender

2nd Quote - we quote

3rd Acknowledgement,  quote accecpted

4th Materials, order materials and labour to cover the work

5th Invoice, client pays for the work


These are all in separate databases and we have additional ones e.g., Clients, Suppliers etc. These were mainly created many years ago.


i am now trying to get these documents to populate by entering various fields. EG get the acknowledgement to popular from the quote.


I have tried doing this through RELATIONSHIPS but this doesn't allow for any changes, i.e. if we quoted for 10 things, the client may only accept

8 things so our acknowledgement would just have the 8, different from the oriinal 10.

However i am finding if i change 1 thing, this automatically change the other, so in this example, my original tender would have the 2 things removed which is not what we want. Happy it copies it all over but we need to have the ability to edit any relationship? Any ideas please