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    Trouble merging two tables into single report




      I have been wrestling with the problem for a week and it’s time to get real help.


      (A) Product Table     (B) Fabric Table

      (A) Has a one-to-many relationship with (B)


      I have enclosed a PDF file of the report that the app is generating:

      Here is my goal:
Merge the product information from (A) to (B) with the correct Totals. The layout I am using for the report is based on the Fabric Table so getting a fabric grand total is no problem. Both tables share a the same estimate ID. Each line item in the report has a unique line item ID field.


      Table Relationship and Structure:


      Header 1Header 2Header 3
      Table OccurrenceProductFabric
      Link Fieldsc_Item_IDProduct_Estimate_ID
      Source TableProductFabric


      Each link field is the ID field for each line item in the estimate.  Each line item is tied to the same estimate ID. Please, if possible, refer me to a sample database that demonstrates the desired functionality.


      Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated.