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Server not closing after Sync Check ( FMEasySync )

Question asked by ScottBleackley on May 11, 2016

Have been using FMeasySync for a while, but only recently I have a problem where Close File ["Hosted_Database"]  does exactly that on OS X but leaves the server open when exactly the same sync is run on iOS.


    OS X 10.11.4 MacBook Pro: FM Pro 14 & 15
    iOS 9.3.1(13E238) Model MGWM2CL/A: FMGo 14 & 15  


Tired adding a Close File ["Hosted_Database"] in line 136 of "Sync With Server"  at the beginning of #restore user interface
but this just generates an error 301:  which is record is already in use.  But of course the error only occurs on FMGo.


Hosted database is an external source and not seen in relationships as a related file.


I must have done something simple to cause this but not sure what… any ideas are most welcome.