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    Building my first Filemaker Server


      Since my situation seems to fit Filemaker's definition of “Solution Bundle Hosting” https://www.filemaker.com/company/legal/docs/hosting_faq.pdf I think the best course of action is to provide hosting for my clients.  This way I can provide the low price of shared hosting for the foreseeable future.


      I am totally new to Filemaker server and servers in general.  I will approach the subject as I approach any new subject: online research, some books from amazon, perhaps a Lynda course -- covering servers, filemaker server, and whatever else seems relevant.


      However I was wondering, does the community have any sage advice to help a neophyte?  Do some of you think it is not feasible for someone to go from totally ignorant to running filemaker server 24/7 in a matter of months?




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          Step one: learn about the Server OS and it's nuances. Does it 'automatically update' OS in the middle of the night and crash everyones solutions, and what can you do to prevent that? What is the backup method used and how would that affect FMServer? Learn about permissions decide how much you want to allow "client" access (if any). Learn about how it communicates with the network (LAN & WAN). Basically, get the 'bugs' worked out for the server box and networking and software before adding FMServer.


          just some "light" reading.


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            Just my 2 cents to add to what Beverly mentioned. Pay for the Developer Subscription ($99 per year) and get yourself a free developer's version of FileMaker Server. It's fully functioning but limits the number of connections or users you can have. You can do a lot of your learning with it before you go live with the real version.

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