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    FM15 Pricing comparison.


      It seems that people are having a lot of questions with regard to pricing and maybe this will help answer some peoples questions.

      For reference only. Check with FileMaker to confirm any pricing.

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          Helpful (as ever).  These exercises are inherently difficult because of the different principles involved. 'Old' licensing is based on per unit cost within quantity ranges, eg if 10 copies, then $108 each (AVLA).


          Whereas, a connections/ user oriented approach just shows the break points and a total, rather than per unit comparison, eg 10 users/ connections is $142.80 per head.


          A key difference of course between the options is that via one plan you can get a precise licence count (7) whereas with another, you have to go in increments of 5.  (Thus, if you really only wanted 7 then the per head cost is higher.)


          Depending on where you are in the scale of copies wanted, the variations can be significant.


          Would it be useful to add a notional, per head column in the FTL estimates?  Or not?  Is there a logical reason not to assign a 'cost per head' figure?

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            Feel free to create something like that if you would like.