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    Search in Outlook e-mails




      We moved from Mac to Windows filemaker 14. In the mac environment it was possible to search for mail from filemaker to instruct applescript;

      activate application mail tell application system events  tell process mail

      to search for e-mail for text entered by an user in a text box.


      Is this also possible for Outlook?




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          Not as easily as that bit of AppleScript code, but it can be done.  Outlook as a full API that has the functionality to do this but the OS-level scripting to get this done can be a bit complex.


          There are plugins out there that could do it more easily I think, have you looked into those?

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            I'm not really a fan for plugins. I'm rather create my own code so i don't have to depend on the plugin developer.

            btw you know where to look for this api (msdn perhaps)?

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              Yep, MSDN is the place to look.  There are subtle changes between different versions of Outlook.


              Also keep in mind that if you want to write the code in VBscript or PowerShell you may run into permissions and security settings.  If you are proficient in something like VB.NET or C# then you have better options for signing your code and have it trusted.