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Time calculation. Subtract a number of minuts from a field with time of day

Question asked by olesimonsen on May 12, 2016
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I am faced with what I thought was a fairly simple task.


In the solution I am trying to create, I want users to insert a time of day into a time field (24H). (Field 1.)


In another field I would like to display another time field (Field 2) which is the time in field 1 - xx minutes.


Field 2 is a calculation: GetAsTime (Field 1 - XX)


To show an example. If I enter 1300 into field 1 (Time, hh) and the time I would like to subtract is 45 minutes I get a return in field 2 of 1299.15.00 in stead of just 1215.


For some odd reason I can not get this to work...


Any ideas?


Best regards