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FMP 13 OK, but FMP 14 substitutes Frutiger fonts with Helvetica

Question asked by olafseifert on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by AndreasT

Hello everyone,


I have got a font issue, I could not find any solution anywhere on the web. It sounds simple, but I cannot figure out to get rid of it.


We have a FM 13 solution running with several FMP 13 clients, hosted on a FMS 13. We begun switching the clients to El Capitan and FMP 14. The server is left untouched and I think, the server is not the reason for our problem.


When we open the solution in FMP 13 (even with El Capitan installed), everything looks as it should. When we open it in FMP 14, fonts used in our layouts are not recognized by FileMaker and get substituted by Helvetica.


I know, FileMaker changed the font management from 13 to 14. But I cannot believe, that I have to reassign the font we need to every layout object anew.


The fonts we are talking about are Frutiger fonts. While FMP 13 shows them by their file name in the fonts menu (Frutiger 47LightCn, for instance), FMP 14 uses their PostScript-Name (here: Frutiger-LightCn). I suppose, this is why FMP 14 doesn’t recognize the font which is assigned to the fields and other layout objects and therefore substitutes the font.


So, what to do? Any idea?


Greetings from Hamburg