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One to many relationships CRUD

Question asked by winwinhost on May 12, 2016



I'm new to filemaker. I'm sure this question has been asked before, I just need to be pointed into the right direction.


I went ahead and created two tables and one to many relationship ( I guess ) between them.

The idea is we have libraries, and the libraries have items of various types.

I want to be able to create CURD interface based around this relationship.

But its not intuitive.


I have two separate layouts now, one for each table, that allow to people to add items free form, and no way to list either.

I created a list view and it would just grow with empty fields.


I need a screen where I can add libraries:

Name, Longitude, Latitude, LocationID


And a list view all the libraries, and a way to click on one and them and for that one add items:

LocationID, Type, MetaData



Now I don't mind being able to see a list of all items across all libraries too. But that's an extra screen for diagnostics or something.

The main thing is being able to enforce this relationship via CRUD interface.



Thanks in Advance.