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Multi Machine FileMaker server install

Question asked by ajk on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by ajk

Hey Guys,

Does anyone have a definite guide on how to install FileMaker Server 15 as a multi machine set up, so there is a master and a worker. I've attempted this with FileMaker Server 14, although after much head scratching I got the multi machine setup working, I couldn't get the admin console working from a client machine. I contacted FileMaker help and to be honest, they were absolutely clueless and after supplying logs and a chasing them via emails, the case is still open and I have still yet to resolve this.


I now have two new Windows server 2012R2 installs and I'd like to install FileMaker Server 15 and do it properly so it works the way it should. Would love to get in touch with someone who has a multi machine setup, ideally running php api and webdirect so I can understand the install process and how to configure things properly.