What is the purpose of FMP for User Connections with Legacy Concurrent Licensing

Discussion created by dreed on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by steveromig

So we have legacy licensing with 10 seats of Pro, 2 seats of Pro Advanced and and 25 concurrent connections.  When I just got my download links for FM15, It has downloaders for all those, plus I have a downloader for Filemaker Pro for User Connections. 


Since we don't have a Teams license, I'm not sure of the purpose of this download for me.  What I'm hoping is that it would essentially function as Filemaker Go for desktop that I've wanted for some time.  Installation across the organization, but without any functionality except as a client taking up our 25 concurrent connections, in combination with Webdirect and Go clients.


When I installed it on a machine, I was not prompted for any license, and the product launched afterwards and appeared as a normal install of FMP, even able to create local DBs when I'm not connected to my newly installed FMS15.  So it's not really a version limited to only connections to Server, and it's not requiring me to enter my FMP VLA license code during installation either.


So was I given this installer in error, and should I be using it as a client with my FMS15 or not?