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    Adding Record to Portal Button


      I have done this several times but something is not working .  Here is my script.  I have a button that I would like to add new records to portal.


      Freeze Window

      Set Variable [ $pk; Value:Manuals::pk_id_manual ]

      Go to Layout [ "Manual_Assigned" (Manuals) ]

      New Record/Request

      Set Field [ Manual_Assigned::fk_id_manual ; $pk ]

      Go to Layout [ Orignal layout ]

      Go to Field [ Manuals::name_manual ]

      Go to Portal Row

           [ Select; First ]


      What is happening is it adds a record, I types in Test in the Name Field, the I clicked the button again and it created the test record again, it keeps doing that instead on a new blank record.


      Layout  Manual Assigned is set to show records from Manual Assigned


      Layout  Manual  is set to show records from Manual

      I am attaching a pic of relationship.


      Any help is appreciated.

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