FileMaker Pro 15 Database Upload to FMS 15 Fails

Discussion created by JEDtech on May 12, 2016

Product and version:

  FileMaker Pro Advanced

  FileMaker Server


OS and version:

  Pro: OS X 10.10.5

  Server OS X 10.11.4


Browser and version N/A



  Pro: MacBook Pro Retina (Mid 2014) 16 GB

  Server: Mac Mini (Mid 2011) 16 GB, SSD Drive



The 2 machines are on the same LAN.  Only the default certificate is installed on the server.  I used FileMaker Pro 15 Sharing->Upload to FileMaker Server to create a new folder and upload 13 databases to it that were pulled from a backup of another server running FileMaker Server 14.0.4.  The message for all the database uploads was “failed”.  The folder and databases are actually on the server however there are no log messages about the uploads.


The newly-uploaded databases all show a status of “Closed” and can not be opened remotely.  Clicking on them in the FMS Admin Console and selecting the “Open” action has no effect and does not generate a log record.


I used the server console to stop FM Server 15 and then restart it.  All of the databases opened after the restart.


How to replicate

After using FileMaker Pro to create a new folder on the server, upload a group of databases.


Workaround (if any)

Stop and restart FileMaker Server using the FileMaker Server Admin console.