FileMaker Server 15 Performance Improvements: Video

Discussion created by NickLightbody on May 12, 2016

Here is a new Richard Carlton Learning Filemaker Video where he interviews NickLightbody on the comparison between FMS14 & FMS15 and identifies the performance and high load improvements delivered by Filemaker Server 15.


FileMaker News | FileMaker Server 15 Performance Improvements | FileMaker Pro 15 Video Course 40 Hrs - YouTube


Nick & RCC Consulting have undertaken a wide range of tests on FM Server 14 and 15 using Nick's free open source FMServer load testing tool "dsBenchmark" which provides a standard method of comparing one Filemaker Server deployment with another and hence is perfect to compare different versions of FMS installed one after the other on the same hardware.


The big takeaway is that Filemaker Server 15 is 8% faster than Filemaker Server 14, that it recovers quicker from being overloaded, thus improving the user experience and that with a comparable data set 15 runs slightly better with less cache than does 14, in this case 15 with 512mb cache performs better than with 2gb cache.


If you want to understand more about getting the best from Filemaker Server you will find this video useful.


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