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Select record from a related table of related table to the current layout table

Question asked by lfnunley on May 12, 2016
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I apologize for the concluded title, but I do not yet have enough knowledge of filemaker to phrase my question correctly.


I am currently working on a database of items which have to be shipped out. I have a table for items, let's call it 'i'. I have a table of shipment rounds, called 's', a table of boxes which have a fk for its shipment round called 'b', and finally a join table for putting the items in boxes, let's call it j.


I am working on a layout which uses the join table. I already have completed layouts for viewing the boxes and shipment rounds once items have been added. It is possible for our employees to mark an item to be shipped before we know when or what box it will be shipped in. For this I create a join table entry with 'null' as its box key.


I would like to have a dialog from the join table which allows a selection of the shipping round, then shows only the boxes in that shipping round. The user will then select the box and it will be set and the box in the join record.


My question is how would I create such a view, where the user from the join table layout can select a shipment round and then box, keeping in mind that the structure is   i---<j>---b>---s.


Thank you for your help in advance and let me know if I can clarify anything further.