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Question asked by donjuan1498 on May 12, 2016
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     I am looking for advise. I am building a payment tracking database which houses thousands of transactions monthly. Essentially we get paid from several sources and those are inputed into a payment table that is the easy part. I also receive additional payments from another source which houses the same payment information from another company.


Example I get paid from directly Companies X, Y, Z

each line item has the same info on the statements.


I also get paid from Company Main whom is paying additional on the same product as companies XYZ.


So essentially I will have several payment with the same information. I want to be able to look at one product and see how many times I was paid and from whom.


So if company X pays me each month $15 directly and Company Main pays me on company x $5 I want to see every instance on that for the year and also see where it came from.


Where I am running into a problem is I don't know if I just want to put them all into one table as it is all the same info (though the records in the 100k's. Or do I put them into separate and join them with a join table, and if so how do I do so?


I am an novice at best with FMP so I apologize if I am going at this wrong. Thanks for any help you have.