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Transactional email service

Question asked by sfpx on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by sfpx

I used Mandrill to send emails with multiple attachments from Filemaker Go before they changed to a mailchimp paying addon.

I'm looking for a similar service (with a free plan) that would let me use the Insert From URL function to send the email with base64 encoded attachments.

Digital Fusion has updated its script to use SparkPlug but this version requires a plugin so it won't work on IOS device


I tried ElasticEmail (  ) and I can send emails just fine but the attachments have to be uploaded via HTTP PUT


Basically I want a way to send an email with multiple attachments (combination of images and pdf files) in a single email on IOS.



Do you think the new app extension could help with that ?

An alternative would be to send the message with attachments to the device email app (if it works with multiple attachments).