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    FMP 14 Advanced 64 has gone dead in Windows 10


      Yesterday I was using FMP14 Adv in the afternoon to view a local database, and was also using FMP 13 Adv at the same time - nothing unusual about that. I took my wife out for diner and when I came home I tried to launch 14 again but there was no response. Mind you, nothing has changed on my computer. I tried the shortcut and also attempted to run the executable directly. Task manager shows there is a spike in CPU usage to 27% for about a quarter of a second upon clicking the shortcut, then nothing. I get the spinner cursor during that time and then no activity at all. I also lost the ability to launch FMP13 after this and need to reboot to recover use of 13 but 14 is still MIA. I ran Windows updates, uninstalled and reinstalled FMP14 but nothing helps. It's running just fine on my laptop with same OS. Has anyone seen this and can you advice a solution?

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          You didn't mention if you had any 3rd-party extensions, if so try removing those


          Might be a corrupt registry key.  Check in


          HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro/<xx>/Preferences

          HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro Advanced/<xx>/Preferences


          where <xx> is the version


          If you uninstall all versions of FMPA you could check and see what keys are left in that area and remove them.


          Registry editing is dangerous and is at your own risk so if you're not comfortable don't do it.