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FMP 14 Advanced 64 has gone dead in Windows 10

Question asked by user22173 on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by JEDtech

Yesterday I was using FMP14 Adv in the afternoon to view a local database, and was also using FMP 13 Adv at the same time - nothing unusual about that. I took my wife out for diner and when I came home I tried to launch 14 again but there was no response. Mind you, nothing has changed on my computer. I tried the shortcut and also attempted to run the executable directly. Task manager shows there is a spike in CPU usage to 27% for about a quarter of a second upon clicking the shortcut, then nothing. I get the spinner cursor during that time and then no activity at all. I also lost the ability to launch FMP13 after this and need to reboot to recover use of 13 but 14 is still MIA. I ran Windows updates, uninstalled and reinstalled FMP14 but nothing helps. It's running just fine on my laptop with same OS. Has anyone seen this and can you advice a solution?